About Us

The Emerald Toolbox is a small family-run company, exploring the cutting edge of low-impact urban farming. Our Microgreens, Shoots and Petites are grown indoors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our Microgreens are grown using two separate techniques. One, our soil-free, low carbon footprint, and pure water growing technique, or they are grown in our OMRI certified organic potting soil mix . All of our plants are grown on eco-friendly compostable mediums and are sprayed with pure filtered water using all food grade grow trays. Our petite greens and vegetables are grown in a 100% organic soil mixtures with only OMRI certified organic amendments and nutrients.

All of our plants get the light they need to grow from a custom built high-efficiency LED lighting system, ensuring a scalable earth friendly model that uses as little electrical power as possible.

Because of the way they are grown, all the Microgreens from “The Emerald Tool Box” are available year round. Our system of growing is far more sustainable than conventional farming, and is grown without any herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. The Emerald Tool Box’s growing methods use 85% to 95% less water than conventional farming and using far less space due to our vertical farming techniques.

All of our Wholesale Microgreens and Fresh Shoots are grown as an “ETB Live Tray” product. The “EBT Live Tray” is just that, a living, growing mat of Microgreens or Fresh Shoots that can be easily be harvested by hand with a pair of scissors as needed. Ensuring the freshest farm to plate experience possible. Our “EBT Live Tray” selections are available in 5″ x 5″, 10″ x 10″ and full 10″ x 20″ sizes. All of our Wholesale products are also available cut by the ounce, either bagged or in clam shell containers.

All of our Petite Greens and Petite Vegetables are hand cut and packed either bagged or in clam shell containers, to ensure the quality of the final finished product, at its peak.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Harvest Notes (Wholesale Customers):

Microgreens – Anything on “The List” if not currently in stock, can be spec grown for you within two weeks*. The average growth time for all of our Microgreens is between 7 and 13 days, depending on the type and variety of the species selected, and if the seed is currently available. This excludes all petites and flowers which have a longer growing cycle.

Petite Greens – All petite greens are harvested from living and growing plants. Petite greens can have a growth cycle anywhere from 15 to 60+ days to harvest.

Specialty Items, Pricing & Availability:

All specialty items are sold and priced by the gram or ounce weight, depending on the products availability and intrinsic market value. All specialty item products must be pre-paid and are only available to current ETB clients

Attention all Chefs, Molecular Gastronomists and Mixologists:

Order one of our “Sampler 801 Spec Flats” and then send us three high resolution digital pictures of our products being used in your culinary masterpieces, and we will give you a $25.00 credit* on your next order.


100% Non-GMO Seed | Only 100% Certified OMRI Products | 100% Whole Chain Traceability