Live Harvest Escargot 30 Ea.


Live Harvest Escargot available in very limited quantities in the Pittsburgh area.

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Product Description

Live Harvest Escargot (Helix aspersa)

Our “Live Harvest Escargot” is now available in very limited quantities for our Pittsburgh area local chefs, restaurants, caterers, bistros, country clubs, and wine bars.

All of our escargot is raised exclusively on a diet of 100% organically grown microgreens, raised in a symbiotic relationship with our in house microgreen grow operation. Then our escargot is purged in the traditional 7 day French classical style. Which consists of 3 days of only organic corn meal and pure water, then a 2 day fast (No food or water), and a 2 day white wine finish.

NOTE: We apologize, but we CANNOT ship LIVE escarot (snails or eggs) across Pennsylvania state lines due to USDA regulations.

Please email us for scheduling, and availability.